Paint on, paint off.

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We’ve been damn busy lately balancing work with game dev, not always easy but Jay and I have got a good amount done. First thing I should mention is Soul Machine (tbd) has a new name but we won’t be revealing it until the new logo is ready. Jay has been porting the Mono build to Unity and obviously had to get the cog speed and camera feeling right, then the score system. I knocked out a few bits of placeholder art and a few weekends ago we both went at it to get the base of a ten level demo ready.

We took old levels and redesigned them as well as building a few new as Jay also got each of the differing tiles up and running. So currently we have boost, warp and saw tiles in along with breakable gates. You control a trapped soul in the form of a cog, left stick moves and holding down the same colour button as the breakable gate you’re approaching will get you through it, albeit by losing some charge.

The other tiles working are rotation (which is crazy cool) and reverse, although that level isn’t finished, with timer, lock and slow mo to come. That’ll be it for tiles, plenty of variety and combinations we can use to add depth to the gameplay. Other things going on have been an artist we’ve paid to create foreground are, which, as I’ve said can be seen in the painted first level. She has just finished working on the new player cog and will begin to replace my tile placeholder art soon.

A new game logo is also being worked on while I’ve put together a quick placeholder controls screen. The other major thing Jay has done is leaderboards; they’re not quite there yet but the first level is live and the stats screen has your level time, score, badges, grade and top 5 world score. It’s much too busy and needs balancing but it’s in, we also intend to extend it to a top ten. The point is too basically allow for speed runs, players can go for time or score using the various routes in levels.

We’re a way off yet but the next thing for me while Jay continues to build the game is level painting. We need to get the ten demo levels painted before Game City which we’ll be attending, hard, damn, work but hopefully it’ll all be worth it. It’s certainly getting there but this isn’t the smallest of games and we both work full time so it’ll take as long as it takes. Level painting takes some serious time, probably more than building and testing a level. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Drop Dead Interactive on Facebook for updates.

Welcome to Drop Dead’s new look site


Allo there! Welcome to Drop Dead Interactive’s new look website, we’ve basically scrapped everything from the old site and started again. Hopefully the content will be much clearer and easy to access for everyone. We have a Blog section so you can keep up to date with the latest Drop Dead game development news.  The Games section features in development and completed projects, About Us and Contact Us I would hope are fairly obvious. Finally we have Media and Press sections to keep you updated with the latest Drop Dead screenshots, videos and news. It’s still a work in progress but we hope you like it!